The lost art of using a pen

There’s no question that technology has changed the way we manage our lives and how we organize ourselves. In most cases (although not all… thank you flashing red Blackberry light) for the better. The little, expensive, rectangular supercomputers that we keep in our pockets and handbags records where we need to be, at what time and who we’re meeting. Let's be honest, most of us are lost without it.


But at Kuky we’ve always believed that the easiest way isn’t always the best way (or most aesthetically pleasing) and that sometimes it's nice to keep things a little bit more old school as far as notetaking, journaling and diarising are concerned. There’s something infinitely more tactile about reaching for a favourite pen or a quality notebook to jot down your ideas, sketch out designs and concepts, and scribble our to-do lists. It much more satisfying to physically strike through your tasks than simply press ‘delete’ ( I shamelessly swear by adding tasks to my to-do list even if I've already done them! Does anybody else do this ? No ? Just me, alright.. ) 


As you can probably guess, we’re not suggesting you grab a few sheets of paper from the printer and stuff them in your handbag with a biro that looks like it’s been chewed by your dog. Nor are we suggesting you follow the crowd with a certain snow-capped French peak adorning the top of your chosen writing tool. As you might expect here at Kuky, we’re excited by something just that little more unusual. Hubby is obsessed with his rollerball crafted from high-density concrete by Taiwanese design studio 22Studio which never leaves the side of his Traveller’s Notebook from Japanese brand Midori. I like to scribble and sketch with a brass mechanical pencil by old school German brand Kaweco which has a beautiful patina and plenty of marks from having being tossed around at various site visits. 

Midori MD Notebook



We’re not saying ditch the smartphone (how else would you be able to keep up with Kuky’s latest projects…) but try and find a way to have both in your life. Besides, your notepad will never run out of battery.


Happy scribbling.

Kuky x


 notebook gift box by mark + fold

Notebook Gift Box by Mark + Fold GBP37.50

Ride the wave by Romeo & Jules studio

Ride the Wave Notecard Set by Romeo & Jules Studio GBP28

Leather deskpad by Studio Sarah

Leather deskpad by Studio Sarah GBP90

Kaweco skyline sport fountain pen in macchiato

Skyline Sport Fountain Pen in Macchiato by Kaweco EUR 21.95