Dear Coffee...

At Kuky HQ three things we can’t live without, in no particular order, are tone on tone, vintage finds and coffee. We’ve always been reliant on that first dose of caffeine to spark us into action, but with the little Kukette now vocalizing her opinions at all hours of the night, we cherish that first cup even more these days.

Hailing from Italy, I’ve always maintained that you can only get a good coffee back home; you can keep your overpriced Seattle mermaid water in three different sizes of bucket – give me a cheap, rich, creamy espresso propped up against a bar on the Via del Corso next to an old man in tweed with a crumpled copy of the Gazzetta dello Sport under his arm – that’s proper coffee! 

But things changed when we moved to Dubai. As he usually does where a new hobby is concerned, Hubby discovered a whole new and unique way to complicate our favourite morning brew. Within months of moving, our kitchen began to resemble a scene from Breaking Bad, with the countertops festooned with various glass devices and contraptions for preparing our daily elixir. But you know what (and don’t tell Hubby), we get it. Dubai really does have an incredible thriving coffee scene, with such a large number of independent coffee shops and roasteries to suit all moods and styles. At Kuky, we’re a sucker for those who really push a craft, and it’s clear that we’re surrounded by people who really care about your enjoyment of a good cup of coffee and want you to appreciate the unique tastes and qualities that these little coffee beans have to offer. Sweaty day on the beach and want something refreshing? How about a lovely cold brew or nitro coffee from Nightjar in Al Serkal Avenue to revive the spirits ( their orange flavored nitro coffee is so yummy!). Want something a little bit special to showcase the very best of what can be done with the humble coffee bean? Head down to The Espresso Lab in D3, switch off your phone and enjoy what their experts have to offer (and, importantly swoon at the incredibly tasteful interior design that screams Japandi.

Naturally you’ll need to enjoy your new passion from some suitable porcelain so it’s time to ditch that freebie mug you’ve been holding onto from your fresher’s week career fair and try something more stylish. We like the Silk Mug from Cole & Cinder which you will always find out of stock on Nicole's website but fear not, she makes them to order with care and love. 

The silk mug by Cole and cinder

Image courtesy of Cole & Cinder 

Either way, we won’t be using the words grande, venti or tall any time soon, or indeed popping any capsules (sorry Mr Clooney). Support your local craft coffee shop or, if you’re feeling adventurous, head down to one of the many coffee roasters in Al Quoz and beyond, grab a bag of beans and an inexpensive grinder and try it yourself at home. Before you know it there will be no looking back.


Happy caffeinating

Kuky x



The Silk Mug by Cole & Cinder AED130 


Dashi Ceramic Celadon Blue Mug by Jars Ceramistes AED167

Stoneware cup by H&M Home AED45

Les Oreilles set of 2 by LRNCE 80 Euros