Design Trends of 2023

Colored Kitchens 

Minimal white and grey kitchens are trending less now in favour of pastel colours such as green and blues, paired with darker woods which have also made a comeback, saying goodbye to our beloved oak. Gone are the days of lifeless ultra modern neutral kitchens, we are now craving statement stone backsplashes and lots of exquisite details on our cabinetry. 

Ferm Living Curvature Handle

Bold stone 

Bye bye terrazzo and hello statement stone! Strong veins, bold patterns and eye catching colours are what we are looking for in our marble. Statement backsplashes for kitchens and bathrooms are what our mouths are watering over on Pinterest. Stone material is also being widely incorporated on our everyday furniture, from travertine to marble, this newly commonly found material brings a fantastic variety of tones and textures to play with when designing a space.   

Kerry Ann Jones Kitchen


White and white no more 

Autumnal rich colors are still trending after the pandemic, earthy tones ranging from green to caramels in different fabrics are bringing a much needed coziness to our interiors. ( Check out one of our favorite designers Jake Arnold for some inspo! ) Brown is back! And we are so happy about it. Our clients are gravitating more towards creamy shades of white for their walls as opposed to the bright white paint that has been trending so far. Our earthy neutral aesthetic has been enriched with a wider selection of colours deeply rooted in nature. If it’s not a color that you can find outside your window, chances are it’s unlikely to make it into one of these earthy new designs. 


Jake Arnold living room


Microcement & microtopping  

Is Brutalism back ? Maybe not entirely. But this now-commonly used material is being applied on everything from flooring to furniture in a minimalist fashion. Applied to your walls and floor can create a beautiful textured canvas for one’s home ( See Casa Maya on instagram, a strong favourite ). Applied to furniture, on the other hand, it can read very austere on its own and requires a lot of layering of different materials to soften its aesthetic.  Definitely not one for every home but fortune favours the bold. 


Casa maya bedroom


Delicate lighting 

Linens, ceramic, raffia and paper lights in organic forms are what we think will continue to prevail this year. These materials blend very well in natural homes while adding a layer of softness to the space. 

Natalie Walton Dining Room


Last but not least, a more conscious approach to interiors is still in thankfully. Curated homes and selective shopping is still on trend over fast furniture and we are all here for it. 

Bye for now xx

Studio Kuky