How to light up your bedroom

There is an art to designing the lighting in each space of your home. It's 9am and I am sipping on a delicious espresso while listening attentively as Marie, owner of local designer lighting company I Light You ( cute name right? ) explains how both decorative and technical lighting play a significant role in setting the mood for each room. So the team at Kuky decided to delve into bedrooms because, let's face it, they are the most dreamy and intimate space of our home. They are sanctuaries and we should put effort and care in styling them.  

"Bedrooms are a place where you want to unwind so one should never have light pendants or spotlights placed directly above the bed " She explains with the most charming French accent. The best place to position ceiling lighting is at the end of the bed, in addition to a light source by each side of the bed of course for reading at night. 

ceramic bedroom table lamp by Serax

Marie and her team at I Light You really know their stuff. They talk you through your needs and advise you on your project all the while looking extremely stylish. 

When selecting lighting for a bedroom, whether you are renovating and have the ability to design the ceiling plan, or whether you are renting and have to make do with existing light points, your choices should always be based on the needs of the individual in the space. 

Wall light Hubsch by Smallable

Let's delve into examples. If you have a vanity or a desk in your room this should have its own light source. If you have wardrobes in your room, the area close to the doors should be nice and well lit. A dimmer is always a good thing to have so you can opt for a gentler light in the evenings.

I often work with using the rule of three for every room I design. I want the option for my clients to have three layers of light in their bedroom too. Starting from the ceiling with spotlights or pendants, going down to eye level with a beautiful floor lamp sitting in a corner and then at a lower level your bedside lights. Having different light sources in your master bedroom means you can play with lighting and create the atmosphere you want depending on the time of the day.

HK living floor lamp in nude

So think practically, think purposefully and think stylishly. I am the first to admit that I am a sucker for beautifully decorative lights that.. yes I'll say it.. are not necessarily the strongest light sources for my clients. But I can't resist aesthetics and sometimes I fall for pretty... I am only human. 

Here are some of our favorite lights. Pretty and practical, or just pretty ? We will let you decide. 

Kuky x

arum wall lamp in cashmere by Ferm living

Arum Wall Lamp - Cashmere AED1,490 by FERM Living 

Dolores raffia and metal wall light in brown by Honore

Dolores Raffia and Metal Wall Light in Brown by Honore' AED803

9602 rattan floor lamp in natural by Gubi

9602 Rattan Floor Lamp in Natural by Gubi Design AED5,203

pleated paper table lamp in white by H&M

Pleated Paper Table Lamp in White by H&M Home AED169