Bye bye open plan!

As we navigate our post lockdown life, our work and way of living has been evolving. Open plan living concepts were a big trend during the pandemic when many craved family time and connectivity more than ever. Now that life has largely gone back to normal, it is a trend that we expect to decline. Our home is now not just the epicenter of family time, but also a place for quiet retreat, a space to work, a safe space for children to play or even a place to workout. 

home gym Pinterest

Home Gym Designed by Louis Carmona via Pinterest 

Defined spaces, as well as spaces within spaces, are being requested more and more by clients. The working from home culture looks set to stay and, for many of us, having an entire room dedicated to a home office can be a luxury that is not available. Some simply want to be able to work from their dining room table without having to listen to their partner’s TV show in the background ( if you know what I mean...! ).  

With homes taking on a more multi-functional role, partitions and screens are becoming more and more popular, offering an element of straightforward privacy but without requiring a construction team on site. We are also seeing a rise in dual purpose furniture - wall-hung desks that fold flat when not in use are becoming very popular, and designers are coming up with other brilliant new and unique functional products to solve the various problems we have now we are all spending more time at work. 

cane screen

TOLKNING Room divider, handmade rattan by IKEA

Are you a parent who just needs to catch a minute of silence away from Cocomelon? Or a professional trying to work away from the distractions of being at home? All we’re saying is think twice before tearing down that wall. Of course, open plan living retains its ideal of pure luxury due to the grandness of the space, but adding a few practical spaces in your home such as a home office, or a space to work out could be just what you need to build your dream home that ticks all the boxes of your lifestyle. 

At Kuky we have experience with designing spaces that are as practical as they are beautiful and we listen to the client’s needs. If you’re ready to create a dream room that wears all sorts of hats, why not take our lifestyle questionnaire ?


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