Think Pink

If the recent whirlwind of Barbie-mania has imprinted anything on our brains it is that fondant pink rules.


As a girl of the 90’s, pink takes me back to my childhood; my Barbie collection and my worship of Emma Bunton. Hot pink and purple are also my two year old's favourite colours, despite my attempts to dress her in monochrome linens.


Forecasts predict pink dominating the color charts of 2024. Spanning fashion to interiors, get ready to be drowned in Pinterest-tastic images of blush sofas, lavender lamps and apricot walls. Hot pink, fuchsia, raspberry and magenta are among the popular shades.


A staple of Tik Tok’s viral Barbiecore trend, pink is everywhere in fashion at the moment, from the runways (just look at Valentino’s Fall 22 runway that featured a primarily pink collection) to the high street.

 Valentino's runway Fall 2022

Valentino's Fall '22 Runway featuring a pink collection 

If you're not quite ready to dress like Margot just yet, there are plenty of ways to play with pink in your home. Pink offers a multitude of playful shades that can work with a lot of different aesthetics, making it easy to include in a variety of projects. Some of my favorites colors are dusty rose (for the ultimate luxury kids room), nude pink a la KKW (for a beige shade that has a pink warmth to apply on interior walls -  my personal fav is the colour Devine produced by Jotun) and rosy terracottas, frankly for any furniture.

 Devine colour by Jotun

Interior featuring Devine paint by Jotun 

Pink is now loved by all and not just by girls. Why? Because pink is plastic, it’s neon, it’s fluorescent, it’s shocking, it’s sexy, contemporary and nostalgic all at once!

Kelly Wearstler for Farrow & Ball
Kelly Wearstler portrait by Joyce Park featuring her paint collection in collaboration with Farrow & Ball

So while Studio Kuky remains a purist when it comes to its signature aesthetic of neutral colour palettes, earthy tones and organic textures, I have embraced the trend in my wardrobe and bought a hot pink midi dress that makes me feel, well… pretty in pink!

 Valentina x