Design Trends 2024

Design trends 2024

As we close the door on 2023 and a new year begins, it’s time to take a look at the emerging design trends that we see coming to the forefront of interiors in 2024. We have been casting our Kuky radar over design publications, blogs, retailers and design houses where we have found three key trends that will be shaping the landscape of Interior Design throughout the next year.

So what lies ahead for 2024? 

We see the resurgence of chrome, the organic charm of sisal carpets, and the boldness of marble door frames taking centre stage.

chrome accessories

From left to right Mushroom Lamp by HK Living AED1,350 and a steel stool from Zara Home AED439


Chrome makes a comeback.

For years, brass and gold finishes have reigned supreme in the realm of interior accents. However, 2024 is witnessing a significant shift. Chrome is making a powerful comeback, offering a sleek, modern alternative that complements a wide range of colour palettes and styles. As Robin Standefer, founder and principal of Roman and Williams, and RW Guild, told the Wall Street Journal; We think silver will lead next year—it is powerful, timeless, and versatile, and tows the line between traditional and modern.” 

We are seeing the cool sophistication of chrome and other metals becoming more present in lighting, accessories, furniture, bathroom faucets and door handles.

chrome accessories

From left to right Ferm Living Meridian table lamp in brushed steel AED745; Ferm Living Lemon Hook in Silver AED147, Fronteriors co-founder Linda Dekker's home in Houston, Texas ) 


H&M’s recent collaboration with design house Rabanne, integrates both minimalistic and bold design schemes in the form of vases and other home accessories that bring dramatic appeal to any interior.

It’s not only chrome that will dominate this year. The use of other metals including steel, aluminium, nickel and zinc are on the rise. “I tend to avoid metals that are too shiny and prefer the richness of a brushed chrome or nickel, as they give a more polished and sophisticated look,” as Holly Hunt, founder of house of Hunt, said to Architectural Digest last month.

Whichever tone is your preferred choice, at Studio Kuky we think silver accents add a subtle hint of elegance whilst maintaining modern and muted vibes in any area of the home.

The natural appeal of Sisal

In our ongoing quest for sustainability and natural aesthetics, sisal carpeting are gaining tremendous popularity. Made from tough African plants like pineapples and agave, these eco-friendly options not only add a touch of earthiness to your space but also offer durability and ease of maintenance. 

sisal carpets pinterest

Their coarser and stiffer texture allow them to be placed in high traffic areas such as living rooms, bedrooms and even commercial spaces. Sisal's unique texture and neutral tones provide a versatile foundation for any room, allowing for creative experimentation with colours and patterns. Incorporating sisal into a design not only elevates the space but also reflects a conscious choice towards environmentally responsible materials.

Marble door frames

Stone door frame mouldings are emerging as a distinctive trend for those looking to make a statement entry. Moving away from traditional wood mouldings, stone offers a bold and majestic alternative. It’s an exquisite way to frame entrances, creating an impactful visual statement that speaks of elegance and durability. Each piece, with its unique veining and coloration, adds character and a bespoke quality to any space.

 marble door frames Pinterest

We are excited to see some of these key trends gracing the pages of our favourite design magazines soon.

Happy designing

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